When you hire Eventful for your Wedding Day,
it will allow you to enjoy your day to the fullest
and be an active participant in your own celebration.

Instead of worrying or stressing about the finer points,
We will be there to tend to all of your personal needs.
As well as the needs of your Bridal Party and Family, your Guests and your Vendors

Eventful’s staff will be on site for the entirety of your event.
We are always the first to arrive… and the last to leave
We are there to oversee every last detail of your big day.

Let us help you to create and define your personal vision and style,
and assist you in the entire process along the way.
Leading you to the Wedding Day you always imagined.

The packages below are just an outline of our many services available.
We will cater our tasks and define a personalized package
around you and your events specific and unique needs.
Let Eventful help guide you along every step, no matter what your stage of planning.